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interserver-vpsSummary: Interserver has been around for many years and offers one of the lowest starting prices for VPS hosting in the industry at only $7/month. This means you can give them a try without breaking the bank. Most people stay around for the long-term, so this model has helped them grow tremendously.
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VPS hosting is a great solution for any site that has enjoyed rapid growth. Using special software, VPS hosts create a “virtual private server” that makes your site act as a self-contained entity. A well-run VPS will operate similarly to a dedicated host, providing you with full control over your configuration.

Some benefits of VPS hosting include:

— Improved security due to stronger “barriers” between your data and others users’.
— Better overall performance due to less resource sharing with other customers.
— Greater flexibility to develop a configuration that meets your specific needs.
— Generally speaking, improved support compared to users on a shared plan.

When Cost is a Factor: How to Find Cheap VPS Hosting That Works

Thanks to its high-level customization and better access to system resources, VPS hosting is often more expensive than shared hosting. Still, it is a great way to get personalized services without paying the heavy prices associated with dedicated servers.

With the right methods, it is possible to find a VPS hosting solution that will provide robust technology, high performance and costs acceptable to just about any budget.

Let’s look at some of the crucial factors when seeking out a low-cost VPS solution:

1) Be Sure You Pay Only for What You Use

Most VPS hosting providers offer customers the chance to pay only for what they use. Each element of your VPS configuration can contribute a different amount to your monthly fees. Review your options and ensure you are paying only for features you specifically select.

2) Beware of Hidden Fees

Although most VPS companies are reliable, the Web hosting world is a big one with many different players in it. Hidden fees can include extra costs for using support or for executing certain scripts, for example. These may not be disclosed on a host’s main VPS page, so read the fine print of any agreement carefully.

3) Ensure You Can Safely “Go Over”

One of the most significant charges you might incur in any hosting situation happens if you accidentally exceed a monthly bandwidth quota. Since you are unlikely to uncover the problem right away, it’s crucial to know how your host will handle it.

Saving Money While Maximizing Your VPS Hosting

To make the most of your VPS configuration without spending too much money, it is a good idea to get started with an analysis of your hosting needs. As those needs evolve in the future, you can always upgrade your plan.

For data storage, you can look at a site’s growth in hard disk usage over the last year and multiply by ten. File storage has a tendency to be one of the least expensive aspects of VPS.

Determining your bandwidth needs will usually require a clear idea of your content strategy. Using analytics software, you can determine the average amount of bandwidth each user has required to date and use that as a baseline. Ratchet up your bandwidth if you’ll be introducing multimedia or social content.

RAM is one of the most critical elements in ensuring your VPS performs well. Generally, this is one of the areas where most small businesses and popular blogs will “splurge” to enhance loading speeds. Consider conferring with other VPS users to learn what works for them.

Cheap VPS Hosting Plans Are in Reach

Unlike shared hosting plans, VPS plans depend to on your site and where you expect to take it in the future. Don’t think VPS has to be expensive just because of its high quality. Research and compare your options to ensure you get a terrific value!

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