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hosting-sourceSummary: Hosting Source is one of the top players in the VPS game, with many years of experience. They offer many different services and you only pay for what you need. This itemized pricing helps you to not pay for what you don’t need. With a low starting price, they are great for people who want great hosting, but als0 affordability. Check them out!
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Starting at $10/month

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interserver-vpsSummary: Interserver has been around for many years and offers one of the lowest starting prices for VPS hosting in the industry at only $7/month. This means you can give them a try without breaking the bank. Most people stay around for the long-term, so this model has helped them grow tremendously.
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Starting at $7/month

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Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 3.20.30 PMSummary: Inmotion has recently updated their VPS hosting line to be more competitive with the other players in the industry. They offer VPS starting at only $29.99/month (when you pre-pay for a year) and this includes hefty resources which should allow most site owners to have more than enough power/bandwidth to power their site. For this reason, Inmotion makes it into our top three VPS hosting sites for 2014. Check them out for more information. Read review->

Starting at $29.99/month
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VPS hosting is a great way to get the speed and power of dedicated hosting without the price tag. Many businesses and blogs seek VPS hosting when shared hosting no longer meets their performance needs. However, finding the right VPS hosting deal can be more complex than choosing shared hosting; getting a good value means comparing multiple options.

VPShostingWhen looking for VPS hosting reviews, remember these important factors:

  • VPS support needs to be easier to use and of a higher quality than shared support.
  • Top-quality VPS services generally operate on a “pay only for what you use” model.
  • VPS should offer full control of configuration options as well as “boxed” options.

Key Points to Look for in a VPS Review

To get the most out of VPS reviews, use trustworthy sources. Sites that have been around for a while and have attracted a following have a major incentive to post only the most accurate information.

What kind of data do you need to evaluate a VPS service? Let’s look at some of the key areas where a VPS company can differentiate itself. A comprehensive review will probably mention several of these, though it is always best to read as many as possible.

Operating Systems and Configuration
Since a VPS operates much the same way as a standalone server, customers should be able to choose an operating system. Although Linux remains most popular, more VPS companies are offering different flavors of Windows Server to cater to those who wish to use .NET.

Disk Space
Among the various options that make up a VPS, disk space is likely the least expensive. To calculate disk space needs, review the growth in your storage consumption over the last year and multiply it by at least ten.

The majority of VPS services now offer multiple “vCPU” options. A vCPU functions similarly to a core on a standard desktop, helping the server process simultaneous requests more quickly and provide excellent performance to many users at once.

If your site has a heavy social component or is rich in multimedia, pay particular attention to bandwidth. It is crucial to know how the hosting company will respond if your site unexpectedly exceeds its bandwidth quota! In many cases, going offline temporarily is far preferable to paying unexpected bandwidth fees, which can be high.

Just like cores, RAM is a crucial component of ensuring that a site loads quickly. RAM helps the server locate files fast. Most VPS services begin their RAM offerings at 512 megabytes, but most sites should begin with at least 1024, the next step up.

Support Options
Support is a major differentiator in VPS hosting. An “average” host that quickly responds to customer needs and resolves problems efficiently can provide greater value in the long run than an “excellent” host that allows a site to go down for days due to slow support.

Some good details to know about VPS support include:

  • Is support available by phone or email? Is the method you prefer represented?
  • Is the support team available 24 hours a day? If not, when is the team unavailable?
  • Is the team based in your region? Can it provide answers about your specific setup?

VPS Reviews Make the Difference

VPS reviews by users, technical experts and trustworthy sites can be key to an optimal hosting experience. Before choosing any service, be sure to weigh the pros and cons using informed sources. Lastly, don’t forget to check the date on a review; hosting companies are always evolving, so outdated information can be highly misleading.

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